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Scott McKendry

DevOps Engineer


The 5 Stages of Vim: A Humbling Experience
·4 mins
My journey with vim and a lesson on why it’s good to suck at something 💩
Moving My Blog From Ghost to Hugo
·5 mins
blog hugo
I moved my blog… again. Here’s my experience moving from Ghost to Hugo ✈️
How I Sync My Dotfiles Between Windows and Linux Using GitHub Actions
·3 mins
windows linux github dotfiles
Dotfile Harmony: GitHub Actions in ‘Action’ 🚀
The Ultimate PowerShell Profile
·5 mins
powershell windows
Putting the “Power” back into PowerShell with custom functions and aliases 💪
DIY Network/Server Rack
·2 mins
My custom, cost-effective DIY Network Rack build 🔧
Monitoring On-Premise Web Applications with Azure App Insights
·2 mins
Improving upon my web failover solution with the help of App Insights and Availability Monitoring 📊